Being Prepared for a Wildfire

Being from Southern California, it has become that time of year when we start worrying about “Fire Season”. In other parts of the country, there is hurricane season, snow season, tornado warnings but in California, not only is there a small worry about earthquakes, we now have “Fire Season”. Over the past several years it seems like there is a ticking time bomb for when a new fire will erupt; and once one starts, sure enough another will follow. Not only is it scary for us to have to evacuate our homes but for us horse people, we have our horses to worry about evacuating as well! I know from experience, having to load your horse onto a trailer in a sea of black smoke when the sky is red with thick pieces of ash falling around you is the absolute most terrifying thing.

Evacuating your horse be a challenge, what if you don’t have your own trailer or you’re part of a large barn with over 100 horses, who goes first?! As we know, our horse community is small and during competitions we are rivals but when a disaster or emergency strikes we all jump in to help each other. During the last several fires we have endured I can’t begin to tell you the overwhelming amount of FaceBook posts I saw of people offering to help others. Posts such as “I have a 2 horse trailer in “blank” area, if anyone needs help contact me.” Or updates on which facilities are accepting evacuated horses, when they are full and where to go next. Posts like these filled my news feed and it wonderful to see our small community coming together to help each other. Although we are lucky in that there are always so many people willing to help, sometimes we can’t always rely on that, we need to make sure we are prepared ourselves!

With that said, don’t wait till those flames have erupted and started making their way to you or your barn, create an evacuation plan for both you and your horse now! Being prepared with this plan will help with the chaos that always comes with these emergencies. Plan multiple evacuation routes, be sure to have a Plan A and Plan B maybe even a Plan C. If you are part of a large barn, discuss evacuation plans with the barn manager and fellow barn mates. Know who to call, have emergency contact information easily to accessible, whether it’s the barn manager, barn mates, neighbors or your local emergency/law enforcement officials.

If you have a horse trailer, make sure it is in good condition and ready to be used at any moment. If you don’t have a trailer, communicate with a neighbor or friend at your barn who does and find out if they would be able to help you evacuate your horse. Never plan on letting your horse loose hoping they will find safety on their own, they need our help and plus it is extremely dangerous for both your horse and others. Although if a situation does present itself where you cannot safely evacuate your horse, it is better to turn your horse loose rather than leaving them trapped in a stall.

Most of the time you will be evacuating your horse to large facilities such as fairgrounds, large show grounds or large boarding farms. So having proper identification for your horse is also very important. I have heard of someone else falsely claiming other people’s horses and in some cases horses can get lost, so proper identification is needed to prove ownership of your horse. Identification on a horse can be a variety of things such as microchip (just like your dog), branding, pictures (especially of unique markings), registration papers or purchasing papers/bill of sale.

A first aid kit is extremely important for not just evacuation emergencies, but be sure it is all put together and easily accessible to grab at a moment’s notice. It should be fully stocked and ready to go with anything to address wounds, burns, foot injuries, physical ailments like colic or stress, important medications and more.

Just like when we evacuate our homes, we can’t take it all. We have to prioritize a list of things to grab from the tack room. There are of course some things that we can’t live without, one being our saddle, but in most cases there isn’t much time so be sure to grab what you need to safely move you and your horse and potentially live away from home for a while.

Our horses count on us to keep them happy, healthy and safe and it’s always good to remember how much they feed off of our energy. So when a wild fire strikes in your area and you are forced to evacuate your horse, remind yourself to stay calm, in turn your horse will then remain calm, allowing a safe and successful evacuation.


Grooming in a Drought

As most of us are aware, parts of the country, particularly California is in severe drought. Some parts of the state now have very strict water regulations which has caused barns in these areas to restrict their water usage, to help with water conservation. Which you may not know, is that because of this, these barns have had to put a halt to bathing. Because of this new restriction, horse owners are finding it to be very difficult to keep their horses clean and cool in these hot summer months.

Let’s face it, most horses prefer to be dirty, but to maintain a horse’s healthy skin and coat regular grooming and the occasional bath is necessary. Plus, who wants to ride a dirty and smelly horse?

With this water restriction we have a few challenges to overcome, such as: How can we clean off our horses sweat marks after exercising? We all know that leaving sweat marks on our horse is a big no, no and not good for their skin and coat. Or what if they get filthy after rolling in the turnout or pasture? Or what if their coat just gets dry and dull from the weather, needing a good coat condition?

Our Solution: EQyss Premier Spray!!

EQyss Premier Spray is a moisturizing spray that does not coat your horse’s skin or hair. It was developed specifically to attract and bind moisture captured from the air to your horse’s skin and coat. Because of that, it helps brighten up and bring shine back to those dry and dull coats. It also helps to protect your horses coat from bleaching. But… that’s not it! It can also be used to help clean your horse – by simply misting your horse and adding that extra moisture with Premier Spray you can then use a towel to wipe away those sweat marks. AND because it repels dust and dirt, as well as reduces static electricity, after a mist with Premier Spray you can brush your horse to help remove that fine and dusty dirt!

EQyss Premier Spray uses a unique blend of ingredients that adds intense moisture to your horse’s coat, mane, and tail without leaving a slippery residue, meaning it’s safe to use on the saddle area! It is safe to be used daily, is silicone free, will not burn their eyes and safe to use on foals and those mamma’s to be. The best part, it has a beautiful tropical scent, which will make everyone in the barn jealous!

So next time your dirty, sweaty or smelly horse needs a good sprucing up and you’re unable to give them a rinse off or bath… think EQyss Premier Spray!


Great Local Rescue

We just wanted to share a great local Rescue, one of many that we support nationwide. It’s called the Aussie Rescue San Diego & friends. You can find them on Facebook at: . EQyss supports organizations like this all over the country. You can find the list here: .

We encourage everybody to be responsible Pet Parents: Don’t buy from puppy mills. Feed your pets GOOD food. Table scraps are bad for your animal. Take the time to train your animals. Your enjoyment level will go wayyyy up & reduce the amount of pets given up to rescues and shelters. If you don’t have time for a pet, DON’T buy one. It’s not fair to leave them alone for 20 hours a day. NEVER leave your pet inside a hot car. Use common sense. If you are looking for a new pet we recommend a local resue, Foster program or your local animal shelter. There are some great animals sitting out there waiting for a good home.

Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the Blog! Our first post comes right after returning from SuperZoo 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We had a great time with everybody there. We met some really fine people who work really passionately to make the Pet Industry an exciting fast moving business. We saw some fantastic new products, and THAT GROOMING COMPETITION!!!

Dallas, our owner was interviewed by The Healthy Dog Network in our booth. Check out the video:

Eqyss Pet Shampoo at Superzoo from Andy Falco on Vimeo.

We look forward to seeing everybody there next year.