As most of us are aware, parts of the country, particularly California is in severe drought. Some parts of the state now have very strict water regulations which has caused barns in these areas to restrict their water usage, to help with water conservation. Which you may not know, is that because of this, these barns have had to put a halt to bathing. Because of this new restriction, horse owners are finding it to be very difficult to keep their horses clean and cool in these hot summer months.

Let’s face it, most horses prefer to be dirty, but to maintain a horse’s healthy skin and coat regular grooming and the occasional bath is necessary. Plus, who wants to ride a dirty and smelly horse?

With this water restriction we have a few challenges to overcome, such as: How can we clean off our horses sweat marks after exercising? We all know that leaving sweat marks on our horse is a big no, no and not good for their skin and coat. Or what if they get filthy after rolling in the turnout or pasture? Or what if their coat just gets dry and dull from the weather, needing a good coat condition?

Our Solution: EQyss Premier Spray!!

EQyss Premier Spray is a moisturizing spray that does not coat your horse’s skin or hair. It was developed specifically to attract and bind moisture captured from the air to your horse’s skin and coat. Because of that, it helps brighten up and bring shine back to those dry and dull coats. It also helps to protect your horses coat from bleaching. But… that’s not it! It can also be used to help clean your horse – by simply misting your horse and adding that extra moisture with Premier Spray you can then use a towel to wipe away those sweat marks. AND because it repels dust and dirt, as well as reduces static electricity, after a mist with Premier Spray you can brush your horse to help remove that fine and dusty dirt!

EQyss Premier Spray uses a unique blend of ingredients that adds intense moisture to your horse’s coat, mane, and tail without leaving a slippery residue, meaning it’s safe to use on the saddle area! It is safe to be used daily, is silicone free, will not burn their eyes and safe to use on foals and those mamma’s to be. The best part, it has a beautiful tropical scent, which will make everyone in the barn jealous!

So next time your dirty, sweaty or smelly horse needs a good sprucing up and you’re unable to give them a rinse off or bath… think EQyss Premier Spray!