We encourage everybody to be responsible Pet Parents: Don’t buy from puppy mills. Feed your pets GOOD food. Table scraps are bad for your animal. Take the time to train your animals. Your enjoyment level will go wayyyy up & reduce the amount of pets given up to rescues and shelters. If you don’t have time for a pet, DON’T buy one. It’s not fair to leave them alone for 20 hours a day. NEVER leave your pet inside a hot car. Use common sense. If you are looking for a new pet we recommend a local rescue, Foster program or your local animal shelter. There are some great animals sitting out there waiting for a good home.

We support many Rescue shelters nationwide. One that we would like to highlight is called the Aussie Rescue San Diego & friends. You can find them on Facebook. EQyss supports organizations like this all over the country. You can find the list here.