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ELITE Anti-Itch Shampoo Natural & VEGAN SAFE for Pets

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ELITE Detangling Spray – Natural & VEGAN SAFE for Pets

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Premier COLOR INTENSIFYING natural botanical Equine Shampoo

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Avocado Mist Equine Coat Conditioning Spray

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A great big thank you for helping my horse. He had been rubbing out part of his tail on his fly sheet, so I started using Mega Tek Rebuilder daily as well as braiding the top portion, where the blanket hits. After two weeks, I can see the hair growing back!!!!! I was amazed and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your products.

Susan, Professional Groomer

I have a 3 yr old blue nose pit. She has been having skin issues pretty much since she was born. I have changed her food and that doesn't work. Use different types of remedies that also have not worked. So, finally came across Micro Tek Pet Spray. I have been using it for about a month now and her fun is looking nice and healthy. Finally!!! Something that works I and very healthy with the results. No more patches. Thank you.

Chris Escobar, Professional Groomer

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