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See Why You Only Need One Line of Grooming Products!

The True Test of a Grooming Product Brand is Not What Your Client’s Pets Look Like Going Out the Door, But What They Look Like On the Return Visit.

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GroomersThank you for the opportunity to provide you with the most unique grooming products ever developed for the pet industry. We entered the Pet Grooming Business in 1991 with 40 years of experience in manufacturing in the human professional salon beauty product industry. It is important to understand the distinction between the highest quality human grade ingredients used in EQyss products, and how they differ from virtually any other grooming products offered in the pet industry. EQyss has taken proven human salon formulas and balanced the pH to be in the ideal range for specific animals. In addition, we removed ingredients that leave residues in the hair, making EQyss the only weightless line of pet grooming products.

The true test of a grooming product brand is not what your client’s pets look like going out the door, but what they look like on the return visit. One of the biggest advantages of using EQyss products is that our applications are so broad in spectrum that they reduce the number of products you need to provide your services. They are so efficient, that they save you a tremendous amount of time, rinsing and drying faster, thereby reducing your inventory, overhead and labor cost. All EQyss products are designed to support one another; used together they offer a unique weightless service which lasts longer. That means a better value to your customers. In comparison to any other pet grooming products, EQyss pays you back more and faster than the other brands. Work smarter for your business, not harder.

We guarantee you will see a reduction in your inventory, spend less time rinsing, drying, and brushing out mats and heavy undercoat. Best of all you will be making a stronger distinction between the quality of your services and that of your competition. Greater customer satisfaction, more referrals and bigger tips is the way to build any business.

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