Product: Mega-Tek®

 A great big thank you for helping my horse. He had been rubbing out part of his tail on his fly sheet, so I started using Mega Tek Rebuilder daily as well as braiding the top portion, where the blanket hits.     After two weeks, I can see the hair growing back!!!!!   I was amazed and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your products.


Product: Survivor® Detangler and Shine

Ok, I am an adult dressage rider (of a reasonable age) and I HAD to e-mail to say that a barn mate just introduced me to your SURVIVOR product and it is a total game changer!!!!!  I had no idea that any product could make a tail so easy to brush and that the shavings can literally fall right out.  I have been using your other products for a long time (Avocado mist, shampoos) and they are great, but this one is AMAZING.  It’s use is spreading quickly thru the barn now and we all feel like we are walking infomercials spreading the good word of this product.  I mean, seriously!!!!!  Once a week I put in a little over a quarter sized bit and I have the cleanest shiniest tail on earth.

A huge heartfelt thank you to you guys, it is rare that anything can save me 5 minutes at the crack of dawn when I tack up my horse but you have and I applaud you!!!!!!


Products: Mega-Tek®, Premier Spray Marigold Scent, Micro-Tek®

I am just writing to you to thank you for making such wonderful products. We use your Mega-Tek, Marigold Spray, Micro-Tek wash and spray religiously! We have a horse named Rubric, whom when we first began working with, we called band aid because he always had some sort of skin issue. Now he has the best hair coat, no issues, no dry skin. We are ecstatic!