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We continue to be amazed at some of the results we are getting with all of the EQyss products. We have so many dogs that are benefitting from our "experiments" with the shampoos, conditioner, gel and sprays.

I wanted to let you know how much EQyss has helped. We have a dog that comes in on a regular basis (see attached pic). His name is Onie. He is a Australian Cattle Dog. He normally comes in with extremely dry, itchy, flakey skin. And his pet parents always bring in his vet prescribed shampoo. Onie was diagnosed with a thyroid problem and continues to have skin issues. Yesterday I bathed him in his rx shampoo, then I bathed him in the Micro Tek shampoo, then added the Premier conditioner. Before I dried him, I added the Micro Tek gel. During his deshed brush out, I added the Micro Tek spray. He went home so soft, shiny and looking fantastic, much better than he ever has before!

I was already extremely happy with the results we have been having with all the EQyss products but this was even more impressive and reaffirmed that we have finally found a product that is the best of the best. I sincerely feel like we are making a difference by using the EQyss products. As a pet groomer that is my biggest goal.

Reta Zyph

I will start out by saying I was skeptical. I live in Southeastern Louisiana and the flies and mosquitoes are no joke. I really liked this stuff. So much so that three weeks in I have gone through my 32 oz. Now for the larger size. I hated the chemical smell of the other brands. I did not want to breathe that nor did I want my sweet Choceaux to ingest it through his skin.

Tina Norwood

The president who listened to my needs and concerns, discussed with me the difference in their own products and other product lines, and gave me an HONEST account of what their products could do. I purchased a sample pack and I can say with confidence that Eqyss is the top of the line. My hands aren't dry and damaged at the end of the day. Clients notice a difference in their pets hair with the premier shampoo without me pointing it out. I literally watch pets with itchy, dry, and flakey skin that can barely stand being touched relax and enjoy being washed with Micro-Tek shampoo. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of the customer service, the communications, and the products from this company.

Pawsh By Jamie

I sincerely wanted to say thank you after discovering your product line. I had seen it in plenty of tack stores before but have never taken the initiative to try it until recently. My name is Hailey Guard and I am a professional dressage rider and competitor with my USDF silver and bronze medals. This is the first year I'm competing my personal horse Dalwhinney; a KWPN mare, after working and competing for a breeder for the past two years. As she went from living full time outside to being in a stall for half days, DW started rubbing and destroying her tail.

I was incredibly frustrated because she has always had a beautiful tail, and now she was damaging it on a regular basis. I tried everything I thought imaginable to stop and prevent it for months. From coconut oil, baby oil, products specifically advertised for stopping/preventing tail rubbing, sheath cleaner, anti-fungal shampoos, and found nothing that would prevent it for more than maybe a day. One of my clients at the barn who had a lot of skin issues with her horse until discovering your products recommended the EQyss line. Since switching to your Micro-Tek Shampoo and adding the Mega-Tek Rebuilder to our routine, my horse has not itched her tail in over a full month now!

I am now a firm believer in your products, I will not be using anything else on my horse and can't believe the difference in the quality of her tail and her overall coat. On top of the improved quality of her hair, I love the smell of all the products I have used, I value the fact they are safe and gentle should she have any abrasions or it accidently get into her eyes or any other sensitive areas, and I am really impressed that your company is cruelty free and made in the USA.

I just cannot thank you enough for saving my horse's tail, I can't wait to try more of your products and will absolutely be telling my clients (current and future) that they should to be using EQyss too. I was so happy to see her tail recover as quickly as it did and I 100% attribute it to your wonderful products. She looks so beautiful in the show ring and I'm looking forward to our future competitions and being able to give your company the credit it deserves when people ask me what I'm using on her coat and tail.

Hailey Guard

First of all, I don't do reviews very often. Seriously. My hubby and I are an active couple and take our dog with us outdoors often. We have been cautious with our vaccines, flea drops, oral flea/tick treatment etc. but were finding ticks on her on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. We talked to our vet about our concerns with using harsh chemicals on our dog, and our vet recommended a home remedy of essential oils. Thankfully, I found this product Flea Bite Flea & Tick Spray and we spray her before a walk or a big outing like a hike and multiple times during our camping trip last week. We haven't found a SINGLE tick on her since we started using this spray. It is amazing and I feel so good knowing my dog is getting a more natural product to defend against these nasty pests. Thank you EQyss!!

Kelly Wise

I have a 3 yr old blue nose pit. She has been having skin issues pretty much since she was born. I have changed her food and that doesn't work. Use different types of remedies that also have not worked. So, finally came across Micro Tek Pet Spray. I have been using it for about a month now and her fun is looking nice and healthy. Finally!!! Something that works I and very healthy with the results. No more patches. Thank you.

Chris Escobar, Professional Groomer

A great big thank you for helping my horse. He had been rubbing out part of his tail on his fly sheet, so I started using Mega Tek Rebuilder daily as well as braiding the top portion, where the blanket hits. After two weeks, I can see the hair growing back!!!!! I was amazed and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your products.

Susan, Professional Groomer

I am just writing to you to thank you for making such wonderful products. We use your Mega-Tek, Marigold Spray, Micro-Tek wash and spray religiously! We have a horse named Rubric, whom when we first began working with, we called band aid because he always had some sort of skin issue. Now he has the best hair coat, no issues, no dry skin. We are ecstatic!


Ok, I am an adult dressage rider (of a reasonable age) and I HAD to e-mail to say that a barn mate just introduced me to your SURVIVOR product and it is a total game changer!!!!! I had no idea that any product could make a tail so easy to brush and that the shavings can literally fall right out. I have been using your other products for a long time (Avocado mist, shampoos) and they are great, but this one is AMAZING. It’s use is spreading quickly thru the barn now and we all feel like we are walking infomercials spreading the good word of this product. I mean, seriously!!!!! Once a week I put in a little over a quarter sized bit and I have the cleanest shiniest tail on earth.

A huge heartfelt thank you to you guys, it is rare that anything can save me 5 minutes at the crack of dawn when I tack up my horse but you have and I applaud you!!!!!!