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About EQyss Grooming Products

Trusted Products Since 1991

We entered the Pet Grooming Business in 1991 with 40 years of experience in manufacturing in the human professional salon beauty product industry. It is important to understand the distinction between the highest quality human grade ingredients used in EQyss products, and how they differ from virtually any other grooming products offered in the pet industry. EQyss has taken proven human salon formulas and balanced the pH to be in the ideal range for specific animals. In addition, we removed ingredients that leave residues in the hair, making EQyss the only weightless line of pet & equine grooming products.

Unlike humans, most animals are slick skinned. Which means, in order to properly hydrate and/or respirate, animal’s coats must be free of any residue or coating that blocks moisture in order to transfer moisture from the air, down the individual hair shafts, and into the dermis, or skin. A clean coat, free of irritants, and good skin & coat hydration help to provide the foundation for building the healthiest environment for skin and coat.

Most pet grooming product manufacturers are using wood alcohols, soaps, and harsh detergents and cleansers in their formulas. These types of ingredients strip essential oils and dry out the skin and coat. Oils, waxes, and synthetic polymers (most commonly silicones) are cosmetic ingredients used to mask the damage caused by over-drying. This is done by making the coat look shiny and feel soft, slick, and moisturized using these common industrial and grade ingredients. The opposite is, in fact, true. At the end of the day, they are short term superficial solutions that cause significant damage over time. Additionally, any residues left on the coat are not only adding to dry skin conditions, dander, and shedding… they stay on the skin and coat for weeks attracting dirt and dust, weighing down the coat, making the animal dirtier faster, and irritating the animal’s skin.

Many of these ingredients get sticky over time, causing the hair to cling together and mat up. Have you ever experienced a buildup in your own hair when you switch to a new product or haven’t washed your hair for a longer than normal time frame?

EQyss products do not contain any of the “bad” ingredients mentioned above. Therefore, EQyss products help to break the cycle of damage caused by inferior formulas with sub-par ingredients, and dramatically improve the health of the skin and coat as well as the quality of life for a Family Pet, a horse, or Professional Groomer’s valuable services.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with the most unique grooming products ever developed for the pet & equine industries.

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EQyss Grooming Products are natural, botanical, and a trusted brand since 1991.

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