Micro-Tek Pet Gel – Soothes ON CONTACT!

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SOOTHES ON CONTACT! All the effectiveness of Micro-Tek Spray, in a GEL concentrate with a cooling food grade Aloe Vera base. 4 oz. size for pets. Apply directly onto affected areas for immediate results. Provides leave on protection that lasts for over 24 hours. Great for pets that don’t like to get bathed or sprayed. Floral fragrance.

  • Bites cuts scrapes
  • Hot Spots
  • Easy to use
  • Soothes dry itchy skin
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Non-Toxic
  • Food Grade Aloe Vera base

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6 reviews for Micro-Tek Pet Gel – Soothes ON CONTACT!

  1. Roberta Ross

    It works well on the hotspots.

  2. Mary Lavender

    No, I do not love the Micro-Tek Pet Gel, BUT my allergy-prone horse Gunner, LOVES it! He even stopped eating while I applied it to his neck and back.

  3. Mary McSally (verified owner)

    My 10 year old Golden has had a few hot spots that required a couple of trips to the vet for antibiotics and a round of prednisone this winter. She actually had to be sedated at one appointment so the vet could clean and shave the area.
    This past June she started with another hot spot under her neck. She had a grooming appointment where they shaved the area and sent me home with a sample of the Micro-Tek Pet Gel. This product is amazing. It dried and soothed the area, and stopped the itch! It is wonderful. I was given the prednisone at the vet appointment this time too but I held off giving it to her hoping the gel would be all that she would need. Hot spot cleared and there was no need for the prednisone! I have ordered the Micro-Tech gel to have on hand for the future. I highly recommend this awesome product!

  4. Joan Mckee

    I used Micro Tek on the outside of my felines ears. She had ugly sores all over them as well as scabs inside. Two vets saw her but nothing would help: including antibiotics . One vet was savy enough to see them as being an infection:that helped. By a miracle I was speaking with a cat rescuer in National City and I called her for something unrelated. I unconsciously mentioned the scourage on kitty’s ears. This is how the information about Eqyss Micro tek hit my ears. I was desperate in a way and thought it a good idea to try using it. Application was one time per day: using 2 cotton face pads one for each ear with a good dab of gel on each. One of the things I really liked about using it was that it is non toxic. She of course disliked our routine but she’s got to be a lot happier now. Slowly the scabs fell off maybe with the help of her cleaning her ears over the next 3 or 4 weeks.Finally she had her very nice ears sans sores. I must not forget to mention that all of the sores and scabs that were inside her ears disappeared too! Needless to say I salute the harbinger of the news of the product every day. That is my story.

  5. Amanda Harding (verified owner)

    My Great Dane has had some really bad itching. I heard about this product on Facebook I love the shampoo it gets everything out of his coat. But he still itched so I tried the gel and it works but only works for 2 hours. So I am not a fan.

    • Dallas Van Kempen

      Dear Amanda,
      Thank you for the review. We are glad that Micro-Tek Gel was able to provide some relief. Working for only 2 hours is not typical feedback. This sounds like your poor pup has a serious issue! We recommend you have your pet looked at by your Vetrinarian.

  6. Kim Novak (verified owner)

    I personally have 3 english bulldogs and a self dog wash. I see skins issues every day of my life. I am new to using the products, but in 3 weeks of switching to the Micro-Tek line for my own dogs to try- I have seen a real change for the better. The gel stopped paw licking immediately and this has been a game changer. Thanks to Eqyss no more expensive vet bills and we have happier customers

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